Domain Authority: Explained

Posted on September 9, 2020 by Kevin Richards

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We all want the best website that ranks number one on search engines but how do we get there? There is an important metric to look at when evaluating your website called domain authority. In this blog, we discuss what domain authority is, how to find your domain authority score, and how to improve it.

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a score that is assigned to a website that identifies how well that website will rank on a search engine results pages (SERP). Like page authority, domain authority is scored on a 0-100 scale. The higher your score the harder it is to improve, but it’s also hard for anyone to have a score above yours.

Here’s a list provided by Moz of the top 500 most popular websites. These are the top 10 listings.

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How To Find Your Domain Authority Score

  • Visit the Moz Link Explorer page
  • Copy the URL of the domain you want to find the score for
  • Paste the URL into the search bar
  • Click ‘Analyze
  • View your domain authority score in the box below the search bar

What Is A Good Domain Authority Score?

Since the domain authority score is complex and takes many factors into account a good domain authority score depends on the sites you’re comparing it to. You may only have a domain authority score of 40 for example but the similar pages on the SERP may only have a 30. This will be favorable for your site as yours will likely be ranked above the others.

Remember your domain authority score will likely increase just by being on the internet for over one year.

How To Improve Domain Authority

Audit your link profile

An audit of your link profile will give you an idea of the backlinks associated with your website. Ideally, you only want link traffic from high authority, credible websites. Search engines will interpret your website as valuable by having links from other high authority websites.

Moz’s Link Explorer will analyze the links to your website.

Create content that keeps people interested

There isn’t an easy solution to raise your domain authority. You should create awesome content that keeps users coming back and gets new users hooked.

Your domain authority score is impacted by total traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic through Chrome, time on site, bounce rate, and SERP click-through-rate (CTR). So the only way to drive these metrics is to create engaging, valuable content worth consuming and sharing.

Earn high-quality links

As mentioned earlier receiving link traffic from other authoritative sites is extremely important. The search engines will favor you more if you have these.

A good tip for getting high-quality links is to offer value to another company. Make your content better to earn the links, write a guest blog, or create some other type of content that can be used on their site but also drive traffic to yours.

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