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Social Media Marketing

Connect with Your Audience

We help you create a custom strategy to grow your fans and interact with your audience effectively. Our social media services are designed to help you build your brand and grow your business.

Maximize Your Online Presence

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Each social media platform offers unique advantages. We help you navigate these platforms to connect with your audience, share your story, and build your brand.


Why Social Media Marketing?

Engagement, Awareness, and Conversion

Social media marketing is key to developing a personal connection with your audience. It's where conversations happen, opinions are formed, and decisions are influenced.

SEO Clicks and Impressions

Brand Awareness

Increase your brand's visibility and recognition by engaging with your audience on social media.

Customer Engagement

Build relationships with your customers by responding to comments, messages, and reviews on social media.

Lead Generation

Generate leads and drive conversions by promoting your products and services on social media.

Audience Insights

Gain valuable insights into your audience's preferences, behaviors, and interests through social media analytics.

Social Media Marketing Pricing

Choose from our range of social media marketing packages designed to meet your specific needs and budget.


Establish your social presence with essential content and scheduling.

$1,495 /month

* $695 onboarding

  • 4-6 monthly posts


Most popular

Grow your social media with strategic content and engaging content.

$2,495 /month

* $895 onboarding

  • 8-10 monthly posts


Elevate your social media with advanced analytics and personalized strategies.

$3,495 /month

* $1,495 onboarding

  • 10-12 monthly posts

Social Media Marketing Features

Expand Your Reach

Our social media marketing services are designed to connect you with your audience where they're most engaged. From strategy to content creation and analytics, we've got you covered.

Account Set-Up & Optimization

We'll create and optimize your social media profiles to ensure they're set up for success.

Customized Marketing Calendar

Strategic planning of your content calendar to maintain a consistent and impactful presence.

Content Creation

Engaging, brand-aligned content tailored to each social platform to captivate your audience.

Optimal Timing for Posts

We schedule your posts when your audience is most active for maximum engagement.

Custom Profile Graphics

Eye-catching graphics that reflect your brand identity and resonate with your audience.

Product Tagging

Tagging products in posts to facilitate easy shopping and drive sales directly from social platforms.

Meta Pixel Installation

Implementing Meta Pixel for precise tracking and retargeting capabilities.

Audience Creation

Building custom audiences for targeted advertising that speaks directly to your customers' needs.

Budget Optimization

Maximizing the ROI of your ad spend through careful budget management and optimization.

Ad Campaign Management

Full management of your social media ad campaigns, from creation to analysis.

Custom Ad Creative

Designing compelling ad creatives that capture attention and drive action.

Ad Copywriting

Crafting persuasive ad copy that communicates your message effectively.

A/B Ad Testing

Testing different ad versions to identify the most effective elements and optimize performance.

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