How To Edit BigCommerce Orders

How To Edit BigCommerce Orders

Kevin Richards
4 years ago

There are times you may have to go into a placed order to change some details. The most likely occurrence is when a customer reaches out to change an aspect of their order, whether it be a simple typo or a different shipping address these can all be easily adjusted in the control panel by the store owner or those with the right credentials to access that information. 


Order Details

When editing an order, the following details can be changed:

  • customer account
  • email address
  • billing address
  • product price *
  • product quantity *
  • product options *
  • shipping address
  • shipping method *
  • discount amount
  • coupon code
  • order comments
  • staff notes

Once payment is approved you cannot go back and add things. If a customer would like to add more items you’ll have to create a new purchase order and if they would like to remove items a refund will need to be issued. 


Order Editing Process

To edit an order that has already been charged:

  1. Go to Orders
  2. Click on View
  3. Click on the action icon
  4. Click Edit Order

The Edit an Order screen is broken down into four parts:

  1. Customer Info — the customers billing information including their email address
  2. Items — the cart contents
  3. Shipping — the customers shipping information
  4. Finalize — the order summary and the area where a discount or coupon can be entered


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Customer Info

The Customer Info section is where you will make corrections to an order’s email address or billing information. When editing a guest order, the Order for selection will be set to New Customer. If you are editing an order created by someone with an existing customer account, the Order for selection will be set to Keep existing customer details. When editing an existing customer’s order, keep the default setting to ensure the changes are saved to the correct account.

Editing a guest order

Editing an order from an existing customer

When making changes to the Billing Information section, you can choose to save the new changes to the customer’s address book via the Save to customer’s address book checkbox located at the bottom of the page.


Guest Orders From Existing Customers

A returning customer may accidentally check out as a guest. They will not be able to view that order in their history.

To resolve this, edit the guest order and change the Order for selection to Existing Customer. Enter the customer’s name, email address, or company name in the new Search field and select them from the list of customers that appear.

If the rest of the order is correct, click Next until you reach the Finalize step and click Save to save the changes. The order will now be linked to the returning customer account. 


The items section is where you will go to adjust items that have been purchased, as long as you’re not adding additional items after payment has been authorized. The items section could be utilized for example if a customer ordered the wrong shirt size or color. You would manually go in and adjust this so their order gets fulfilled correctly. 


The shipping section is where you will make adjustments to shipping details should a customer need that. A situation in which this will be required is if a customer put in the wrong shipping address or needs to split an order into two separate delivery destinations.


When viewing the shipping method, the original choice will be labeled as Use Existing Quote.

If you need to add a shipping charge, change the shipping method, or split the order to send it to multiple addresses (which will adjust shipping costs), a new order will have to be created. You will not be able to capture funds or authorize a new capture using the same order.

If you select None, this will remove any previously selected shipping and not assign any new shipping method. This is useful when updating an order from a paid shipping method to a customer pick-up method, where you won’t be charging for any shipping costs. When downgrading the shipping method, as in the above example, use the Refund action to provide a partial refund or provide a store credit to the customer’s account.



This section is where you can view any changes and information associated with the order such as Customer Billing, Cart, or Shipping Details. If you are editing an order that has already been charged, you will see the payment option that was used, the transaction ID, and the payment status.

Further down the page, there will be a summary section. This is where you will apply any coupons or discounts.

*Note- Even though you can apply a discount or coupon to an order that has been charged, it will not automatically return the difference to the customer. If the amount charged is incorrect, we recommend canceling and refunding the order, and then either you or the customer would create a new order for the proper amount. You cannot edit gift certificates once they are applied to an order.

Near the bottom of the page, you will see boxes for Order Comments or leave a Staff Note. Comments are visible on invoices, while Staff Notes are only visible in the control panel and are not seen by customers.

Once you are done making change click Save.

Video Tutorial For Returns And Refunds

If you need additional guidance, Big Commerce has a video tutorial on how to manage return requests and order refunds.


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