How to Create a BigCommerce API Access Token

Posted on April 13, 2023 by Kevin Richards

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Create an API access

  • First, log in to your BigCommerce account. In the left side menu, go to settings.
  • On the new page that loads scroll down to the API section and click on Store-level API accounts
    Click on Create API Account, and then - Create V2/V3 API token.
  • After this, you will need to give your account a name.

Next step - select OAuth scopes, which will be needed for your account. You should set these permissions:

  • Content: Read-only
  • Check out content: None
  • Customers: Read only
  • Customers Login: None
  • Information & Settings: Read only
  • Marketing: Read only
  • Orders: Read only
  • Order Transactions: Read only
  • Create Payments: None
  • Get Payments Methods: None
  • Stored Payments Instruments: None
  • Products: Read only
  • Themes: None
  • Carts: None
  • Checkouts: Read only
  • Sites & Routes: Read only
  • Channel Settings: Read only
  • Channel Listings: Read only
  • Storefront API tokens: None
  • Storefront API Customer Impersonation Tokens: None

After you set the permissions, save the account and you should get a pop-up window with your Client ID, Client Secret, and Access Token. Please make sure to save this information somewhere because there is no way to find this information again. If you are using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, a text file containing this information will be downloaded to your computer.

Please provide this access token to connect your online store.

Thank you!

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