5 Easy SEO Boosts

Posted on April 26, 2018 by Kevin Richards

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Whether your business is strictly online or it’s a combination of online and brick-and-mortar, you know you want to be at the very top of those search results when anyone Googles something related to your industry. There are countless things you could do to improve your SEO and help get you to the top of that list but today we’re going to focus on 5 easy SEO tips for improvements on your website.

1. Relevant & Engaging Content

Your site should have content that is relevant to the business, it needs to include keywords, and it should address common questions or concerns. Pay attention to your competition. Let's say your competition is ranking at #1 for "Auto Parts", it might be difficult to surpass them. However, how do they rank for "cheap auto parts", "best auto parts", or "auto part reviews" etc? Chances are there's opportunity there for you to come in and create the best content for that specific topic instead.

2. Make sure your Meta Data is up to date

Your Title tag should contain keywords you're trying to rank for, this is the link that appears when your site is found in Google or other search engines. Your Meta Description needs to be compelling copy designed to entice visitors to visit your site. This also appears in Google Searches.

3. Optimize Your Website Structure

Make sure your page URL is descriptive and short. HTML tags, such as H1 and alt tags, should be included on every page of your site. Be sure that your website developer uses the latest website coding techniques to ensure that your site is easy for Google's bots to read and understand.

4. Update and Re-Publish Old Blog Posts

Update your old blog posts or pages with new, relevant information. Find pages that are underperforming and update them with new content. Google likes to see new, fresh content and will reward your site with higher rankings.

5. Improve your Page Load Speed / Optimize for Mobile

If your site loads slowly, Google will recognize this and it will harm your ranking. It also leads to poor user experience to anyone visiting your site, especially mobile users. Improve your e-commerce site speed by optimizing images, develop the site with mobile users in mind, and/or remove unnecessary elements.

There's plenty more ways to boost your SEO, but this will get you started.

Keep track of your search engine rankings

How is your site ranking? Find out and watch for what content is generating interest and what content is not.

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