Ventura Web Design & Marketing is a Certified and Preferred BigCommerce Design Partner.

We are experts in designing and building fully responsive BigCommerce stores.  Our in-house design team is ready to help you open your new store or migrate your existing store.  We are certified experts with the BigCommerce Stencil framework, and have the skills and expertise to assist you in growing your business.

Our clients typically have conversion rates DOUBLE the industry average.

While a BigCommerce store comes out-of-the-box loaded with great features, those features require a skilled designer and programmer to customize.  You want your own brand, not a template.  Ventura Web Design & Marketing helps bring your brand to life on the BigCommerce system.

BigCommerce is Good.

Ventura makes it BETTER.

To build world-class e-commerce experiences, we improve upon the features BigCommerce offers and add exciting new features and amazing graphics to support your brand.
To stand out in the crowd, you need a customized, mobile-first responsive design that showcases your brand in a unique way.  With our custom store designs, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the features BigCommerce has to offer, right out of the box. We also make it easy and quick for you to make most changes on your own without the need for coding.
Some of the features available on our custom stores include:
  • Up to 4 custom designed billboard images on the homepage
  • Customize Sticky Header
  • Full-width, parallax featured products area
  • Floating Buy Box
  • Custom designed Add to Cart with rollover effect
  • Hover effect for product display
  • Custom graphical MegaMenu with rollover effects
  • External blog feed integration
  • Advanced customization options
  • Email marketing integration
  • Third-party live chat integration
  • Tabbed product information areas
  • Content page migration (for existing stores)
  • Custom Favicon and Apple touch icons
BigCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms available.  It has the most features out-of-the-box, design flexibility, and reliability of any e-commerce platform out there.

If your current store isn’t mobile-friendly, your platform isn’t innovating, or you’re paying too much in transaction fees, you might consider moving to BigCommerce.  There are a few things to address before you decide to migrate your store.

Product and Category Migration

Many stores have thousands of complex products with options and swatches, which make platform migration difficult.  No matter how clean your migration is, you will have to do some cleanup of individual products.  BigCommerce’s product management system makes it easy to modify individual products as well as update them in bulk.

Design Considerations

Store design for Bigcommerce is done using template files.  Changing those templates to fit your existing site’s design may be difficult, and you may need to make design changes to fit the new platform’s needs.  Migrating your store is a perfect opportunity to update the current design of your site.  Fortunately, BigCommerce allows for great flexibility in design, so we can make your new store look and feel however you need.

BigCommerce Certified & Preferred Partner

With careful planning and expert advice, migrating to BigCommerce does not have to be difficult. Ventura Web Design & Marketing is a Certified and Preferred BigCommerce Design Partner (one of the first and only a very few). We are experts in designing and building fully responsive BigCommerce stores using their Stencil framework. We can help ease the transition and assist you in avoiding any pitfalls that come along.

We customize our services and pricing to your goals.  Contact us to get started!