Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

We Design & Build Awesome Websites

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

When the guys at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop were ready to switch eCommerce platforms, they turned to the experts at Ventura Web Design & Marketing. The new website that we designed and created is easy for both customers and GS Pawn staff to use. Ventura coded a unique bidding system to bring the pawn shop experience to the website. Can’t make it out to Las Vegas? No problem! Website visitors can take a virtual tour of the shop online. Congratulations to everyone at GS Pawn for recently airing their 500th episode. Thank you for trusting Ventura to help grow your brand online.

Jubilations Cheesecakes

This bakery specializes in premium cheesecakes, coffee, and other sweet treats, and their website was built by Ventura, using BigCommerce. The site beautifully showcases the products offered by Jubilations. We were able to implement their branding seamlessly into the design, which gives the site a consistent and cohesive feel. Jubilations.com is a great example of how our team can work with businesses to create high-quality, visually appealing, and effective websites.

Basic Copper

We are excited to announce that BasicCopper.com has been added to our portfolio. The site recently underwent a migration from Yahoo Store to BigCommerce, and our team was careful to ensure a seamless transition that maintained the site’s excellent SEO rankings. We understand how important it is to preserve existing Google search results, and we are proud to have achieved this for BasicCopper.com. We look forward to continuing to work with this customer and support their online success.

Le Parfait

Our team at Ventura was thrilled to help LeParfait develop a seamless and engaging online presence, providing end-to-end solutions for digital marketing, website design, and custom integrations. LeParfait is known for quality and leadership in their field, and the team at Ventura was able to capture that message and deliver a fantastic user experience for LeParfait customers.

Tourist Lawyers

When this Las Vegas based law firm needed a website, they turned to the team at Ventura Web Design.  From the ground up, we helped craft the brand identity including the logos, color scheme, and message.  Tourist Lawyers is targeted at Las Vegas visitors who either want to research laws in advance of their vacation, or experienced an event while in Las Vegas that now requires legal representation.  This website was built using the WordPress content management system.

Grill Grate

Grill Grate is an example of the magic that can happen when you have an awesome product, an engaged client, and an innovative/solutions oriented web design team. The great people at Grill Grate have engaged Ventura Web Design & Marketing several times over our multi-year relationship to assist in projects small and large, improving their BigCommerce design template and making the user experience better.

Sun City Summerlin Golf

Ventura Web Design & Marketing is proud to unveil the latest addition to our impressive portfolio: the Sun City Summerlin Golf website. This captivating and user-friendly WordPress site showcases the stunning golf courses nestled within the heart of Sun City Summerlin, offering visitors an immersive virtual experience of this beautiful golfing oasis. Our expert team has skillfully combined visually striking imagery, intuitive navigation, and state-of-the-art technology to create a website that not only highlights the lush greens and sweeping views, but also provides a seamless platform for golf enthusiasts to easily access course information and stay informed on the latest events and promotions.


BelleMaisonStore.com, located in Franklin, TN and built on BigCommerce by Ventura Web Design & Marketing, offers French-inspired home goods and gifts at affordable prices. Their commitment to affordability and exceptional customer service has helped them build a loyal customer base. The store owners are experts at adding products and maintaining their store, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for their customers. BelleMaisonStore.com is a prime example of a successful online store built on BigCommerce.

Bill Brown for Sheriff

Bill Brown Sheriff has a long-standing relationship with our company, having worked together on all 5 of his successful campaigns. We built his website from the ground up, providing comprehensive support to ensure his message and platform were effectively communicated to the public. Our collaboration has been instrumental in his consistent victories, and we are proud to have played a role in his successful political career.

Southern Stain & Seal

Southern Stain and Seal provides high quality stains and seals for residential and commercial applications.  Prior to working with Ventura Web Design, the website was great at providing information, but not so great at the user experience.  The online store was not reaching its maximum potential in search engine optimization, usability, website accessibility, or ease of use (for customers or the store management team).  We worked directly with the owners of Southern Stain and Seal to help them customize their website to their exact specifications.  Check out the new website and see how easy it is to learn, browse, and buy.

Futures Consulting

This awesome WordPress website is all about connecting employers and potential employees in a hassle-free and enjoyable way. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, job seekers and hiring managers can effortlessly engage and explore exciting opportunities. It has been a pleasure partnering with Futures Consulting on this project, and we’re confident that their new website will revolutionize the world of recruitment and career development.

North Shore Commercial Door

Nearly ten years ago, the owners of a Cleveland based overhead door repair company saw an opportunity to expand their business and become a national eCommerce powerhouse. The door opener and gate operator business did not have a national leading website. Competitors like Lowes, Home Depot, and even Amazon were not providing the level of customer service that a niche industry like this needs. That’s when Ventura Web Design & Marketing joined forces with North Shore Commercial Door to create a fantastic website, smooth flowing backend systems, and online marketing that is unparalleled in this industry. Today North Shore is the clear leader in their industry, with consistent year over year growth in all analytics categories and key-performance-indicators.

Suspender Store

Suspender Store is an example of a serious merchant that continues to grow and seek out new ways to find customers. This client, also a member of the Ventura VIP program, trusts us to help them grow their online store. Each month we proactively look for ways to optimize their website and raise their conversion rate.

Top Flight Paper

Top Flight Paper is a nationally recognized paper company specializing in beautifully designed school supplies, composition books, art supplies, and more.  This site is an example of how Ventura can help a primarily B2B (business  to business) add D2C (direct to consumer) to their marketing mix.  The main website for Top Flight Paper is located at TopFlightPaper.com.  Their new eCommerce site is built using BigCommerce and is located at TopFlightBuy.com.

Murray Holdings

Murray Holdings is a Tampa based real estate investment company that needed a new website design and marketing.  Ventura met with the owners virtually and discussed the goals, the vision, and the existing website.  Together we came up with a plan for how the new web page would be built using WordPress and we and got to work. The end result is a fast, professional, beautiful new website that is mobile friendly, responsive, easy to use, and easy  to update.


With the help of Ventura, they migrated their website from another platform to BigCommerce, which has improved their online presence and user experience. What sets SuperWater.com apart is their exceptional customer service and support, including their knowledgeable customer service team and detailed product descriptions. SuperWater.com’s dedication to customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy source for water filtration products.

Bullet Bloom

One of our absolute favorite clients is also one of our most unique. Bullet Bloom creates one of a kind jewelry from expandable hollow-point bullets after they have been fired. Nothing says freedom, America, and self-reliance more than this. Bullet Bloom’s website was designed using Shopify eCommerce. Ventura also helped setup and optimize the Facebook and Instagram accounts for this client.

Visions & Dreams Consulting

Visions and Dreams is a well-established company with over 20 years of experience in transforming possibilities into realities. They’ve worked with businesses across various industries and have a reputation for delivering powerful results with their creative strategies. As their digital marketing partner, we’re excited to have built a custom WordPress website for them that truly represents their brand and expertise. The website showcases their portfolio of services and helps them connect with their target audience in a memorable way.

it takes two

It Takes Two has several eCommerce websites that Ventura Web Design helped design. As one of our VIP Support clients, the team at It Takes Two relies on us to help them with day to day site enhancements, marketing, merchandising, and many other aspects of operating their online eCommerce store.

Recharge Bar & Grill

Recharge Bar & Grill is a brand new restaurant in Northern Nevada. Serving the employees and families of many of the areas high tech companies such as Tesla. Because of the tech savvy demographic that this restaurant aimed to serve, Ventura was brought in for both the design, programming, and on-going support on this highly customized WordPress restaurant website. The site we design is a custom WordPress theme and is responsive, ensuring that all site visitors are able to see the site, no matter what device they’re using to view it. Learn more about responsive websites.

Crosby Collection

We are so excited to add Crosby Collection to our portfolio.  Vickie Crosby, owner of Crosby Collection, came to us with an older BigCommerce store that was using the old Blueprint foundation and coding.  We were able to help make their mobile site look better, increase the speed of the desktop site, and overall bring a fresh new feel to this very unique fine arts and jewelry retailer.  If you’re looking for Native American jewelry, CrosbyCollection.com is the place to shop.

Spy Ninjas

If you’re YouTube Superstars with over 300 million monthly viewers, who do you trust to build your website? Chad and Vy, the Spy Ninjas, trust Ventura Web Design & Marketing.

The design is simple, fast, and on message. Chad and Vy have a massive audience, primarily in the pre-teen demographic. The website was designed to look great and be easy to use. Ventura collaborated directly with Chad and Vy to come up with the super cool trading card concept that is shown on the Meet Our Team page.

When the Spy Ninjas aren’t fighting hackers, they’re working on building their online brand and the SpyNinjas.net website is a key part of that overall strategy. Take a look at the site and watch a video or two while you’re there.

Valley Green Landscape

Valley Green Landscape is a leader in the Las Vegas commercial landscape market. The owners and employees of VGL care very much about the quality of work that they provide to clients, and it shows in every apartment community or commercial center that they work on.

When they came to us to build a website, we were excited to have such wonderful photography to work with and build their site. Valley Green is an example of Ventura Web Design helping to build a website from the ground up.

We provided strategy, SEO, design, marketing, site content, and more. This site is an example of our complete full service option. Valley Green is also a member of our Ongoing Support website maintenance.

Fifth Street Gaming

This Las Vegas based company is known for its fantastic properties. Ranging from exquisite dining to entertainment for everyone from millennials and up, Fifth Street Gaming’s diverse and unique online marketing strategy is perfectly within our wheelhouse. Ventura provides regular support and maintenance to keep all of Fifth Street’s digital properties looking as amazing as their “in real life” counterparts.

Rick Harrison Productions

When the guys at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop saw what we did with their main website, we became their go-to guys for all things eCommerce and digital marketing. This website is a customized WordPress site that supports one of Rick’s many companies in his Las Vegas based collection of businesses. This site is fast, clean, and easy for Rick’s in-house team to edit.


Who knew that so many birds each year die from window strikes? In addition to creating several products to help prevent these tragic bird deaths, the team at WindowAlert has dedicated countless hours to bird safety awareness and education. Ventura Web Design has been working with the WindowAlert team for 10+ years. Our efforts include eCommerce platform migration, redesigns, social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing. If your home or office building has large windows prone to bird strikes, visit WindowAlert today.

Acres 4

Acres Manufacturing is changing the game for casinos worldwide. Their product, Foundation, delivers instantaneous, real-time data from every player interaction on a casino floor.  This is groundbreaking technology that current casino management systems can’t even dream of. All while simultaneously enabling a cashless, single-wallet solution to players via their own mobile device.  This leader in gaming technology trusts their website design and marketing to Ventura Web Design.

WindowAlert Amazon Store

Who knew that so many birds each year die from window strikes? In addition to creating several products to help prevent these tragic bird deaths, the team at WindowAlert has dedicated countless hours to bird safety awareness and education. Ventura Web Design has been working with the WindowAlert team for 10+ years. WindowAlert sells on Amazon, we’ve built their Amazon Store!

Leisure LED

Leisure LED sells lighting for your recreational vehicles via its own website and also Amazon. When selling on the world’s largest marketplace, it’s important to make sure that you stand out from the competition. We designed and installed this custom layout for Leisure LED’s Amazon brand web store.


Who doesn’t love pets? Since 1999, Healthy Pets has been providing pets and their human companions with a great selection of high quality pet supplies. From dogs to cats, fish to ferrets, Healthy Pets is a great place to shop. This beautifully responsive website includes an easy to use, highly custom top navigation bar, customer order history, and advanced search capabilities.

Just For Jeeps

Just for Jeeps is one of the most customized Yahoo Stores ever built. From super cool menus that make the site easier to use, to highly efficient coding that makes the website fast for customers to use, this website is a must see when you’re looking for inspiration on your next Yahoo Store redesign.

Gunclip Depot

Gun Clip Depot is an example of a merchant who was doing well online, but wanted to do better. We helped this Yahoo Store Owner dramatically increase his store’s eCommerce conversion rate through a Yahoo Store Redesign as well as our store maintenance and support. Before working with us, the website was using out of the box, standard Yahoo Store templates. Our custom design and RTML programming has helped bring in new customers and reignite interest from previous shoppers.

Seth Schorr

Seth Schorr is CEO of Fifth Street Gaming and Chairman of Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino. Mr. Schorr came to Ventura Web Design & Marketing with the goal of creating a website that outlined his projects, interests, experience, and education. The team at Ventura worked closely with Mr. Schorr to develop a website that looks good on both desktop and mobile devices, is user friendly, and ranks well in the search engines.

Wig Works Extensions

Wig Works Extensions came to Ventura Web Design with a goal of building an easy to use website that would help them sell online and recover quickly from the downturn caused by COVID-19 lockdowns.

The Ventura Web Design team quickly worked to setup the new BigCommerce store, add products to the website, and help manage and maintain this new eCommerce store.

Molecular Advantage

With a slogan like “Overkill is Underrated,” we knew that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with the team at Molecular Advantage and build their e-commerce store and digital marketing campaigns. Known as the makers of the world’s best firearm lubricant, and trusted by law enforcement and military officers that work in the toughest of terrains and climates, the Molecular Advantage brand is one that must convey confidence, professionalism, and reliability. The team at Ventura Web Design worked with the MOA team to produce a world-class website that looks great on mobile and desktop devices, loads quickly, and helps its customers quickly find what they need and get back to protecting Americans. Molecular Advantage is a proud to be an American company and Ventura is very thankful that they chose us to build their online brand and help them to crush their competition.

AMP Medical

AMP Medical Products launched their new website in 2021.  The previous website was built with WordPress, but the client ultimately wants to offer B2B and D2C sales online, so Ventura Web Design recommended BigCommerce.  By using the BigCommerce platform, AMP’s in-house team is able to add/edit/modify products on the website easily.  This launch took about 3 months, start to finish, and was a collaborative process between the Ventura Web Design team and AMP’s owner(s).

Myrtle’s Distilled Spirits

Myrtle’s Distilled Spirits is a specialty distillery located in Neosho, Missouri.  This family run business prides itself in producing the best moonshine available.  Ventura Web Design & Marketing assisted Myrtles from the ground up, including domain name setup, website design, and installation of their custom design on their eCommerce store (BigCommerce).  We also assisted with a customer age verification tool for their website.

Genesis Motorsports

At Ventura, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Genesis Motorsports, a family-owned business launching their e-commerce store. They were new to the digital retail scene, but our Starter Package was the perfect solution for their needs. We designed everything to be user-friendly, and it’s been gratifying to see them manage their new online store with ease. Their successful transition into the e-commerce world showcases our dedication to making online business accessible to all, regardless of experience with different platforms.