How to Enhance User Experience with Custom 404 Pages

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Sometimes, customers click on a link and get a 'page not found' message, known as a 404 page. This can be annoying, but your online store can turn it into a helpful moment. A good 404 page keeps customers happy even when they can't find what they're looking for. You can make these pages fun or say sorry for the mistake. This shows you care about your customers. Plus, you can add links to your best-selling products or special deals. This way, customers can easily find other things they might like to buy, instead of leaving your site.

Make Shopping Easier with Custom 404 Pages

Your 404 page is a great place to show what your shop is all about. Instead of a boring error message, make your 404 page fun and show your shop's personality. Use cool pictures, funny words, or something special about your shop. This makes customers remember your store and feel good about it, even if they didn't find what they were looking for at first. Plus, a cool 404 page can make people want to share it with friends, bringing more customers to your shop.

Turning Mistakes into Sales

A clever 404 page can turn a lost sale into a new chance. When customers see your helpful 404 page, they might stay on your site longer and look at other things. You can use this page to suggest other products, tell them about sales, or ask them to join your email list. This way, even if they don't buy what they first wanted, they might find something else they like. Also, a good 404 page can make customers like your shop more. They see that you try to help, even when things go wrong. This builds trust and can make them come back to shop again.

10 Tips for Improving Your 404 Error Pages

When visitors encounter a 404 error page on your ecommerce site, it's a crucial moment to turn potential frustration into a positive experience. A well-crafted 404 page can not only retain customers but also encourage further exploration of your site. Below are ten simple yet effective tips to enhance your 404 pages. These suggestions range from adding functional elements like a search bar to creative strategies like offering discounts, all aimed at improving user experience and keeping your visitors engaged.

  1. Add a Search Bar: Include a search bar on your 404 page. This helps customers easily look for what they wanted to find, or discover something new, without going back.
  2. Use Simple, Friendly Language: Write a clear, friendly message on your 404 page. Avoid technical jargon. Phrases like "Oops, we can't find that page!" are more welcoming.
  3. Include Links to Popular Products: Add links to your best-selling or most popular products. This guides customers back to shopping, potentially finding something else they like.
  4. Offer a Special Discount: Provide a small discount or a special offer on the 404 page. This can turn a visitor's disappointment into a pleasant surprise, encouraging them to shop.
  5. Showcase New Arrivals or Deals: Highlight your latest products or current deals. This keeps the content fresh and may capture the interest of the visitor.
  6. Add a Fun Image or Animation: Use a light-hearted image or a funny animation. This can make the 404 experience less frustrating and more enjoyable.
  7. Keep Branding Consistent: Make sure your 404 page matches your site's overall look and feel. Consistent branding helps maintain a professional image.
  8. Provide Contact Information: Include an email address or a contact form for customers who need help. This shows that you're ready to assist with any issues.
  9. Use a Feedback Option: Give customers a way to report a broken link or give feedback. This not only helps you fix errors but also involves the customer in improving your site.
  10. Optimize for Mobile Devices: Ensure your 404 page is mobile-friendly. Many customers shop on their phones, so the page should look good and work well on all devices.

5 Great Examples of Custom 404 Pages

When you hit a dead-end on a website, a fun 404 page can turn frustration into a smile. Check out these five custom 404 pages employed by industry leaders, along with explanations of their custom 404 page strategies.

Disney's 404 Page

Disney's 404 page features a character from their movie franchise, which gives a playful and brand-specific touch to the error page. The message "You didn't break the internet, but we can’t find what you are looking for" adds a light-hearted tone, suggesting that the error isn't the user's fault. It also includes a search bar with the text "What can KnowsMore help you find today?" encouraging users to continue their journey on the website.

Disney 404 page

Netflix's 404 Page

Netflix's 404 page utilizes imagery from one of their original series, creating a thematic scene that's recognizable to fans. The message "Lost your way?" is consistent with the imagery, and the suggestion to return to the Netflix home page is clearly displayed, guiding users back to familiar territory.

Netflix 404 page

Starbucks' 404 Page

Starbucks takes a more interactive approach with their 404 page, showing a spilled drink and inviting users to "Mop up the spill to reveal something underneath." This engagement can distract users from the inconvenience of hitting a dead end and also incentivizes them to explore more of the website.


Publix's 404 Page

Publix uses humor on their 404 page, likening the missing page to a product that's "past its sell-by date." They apologize for the error and suggest doing a search or contacting them for help, which is a straightforward method of redirecting users.

Publix 404 page

GitHub's 404 Page

GitHub's 404 page features their mascot in a desert with a message that's a playful take on a famous quote from "Star Wars," tailored for the developer audience that frequents their site. This geeky humor aligns with their community's interests and subtly encourages users to continue searching for what they need on GitHub.

GitHub 404 page


A well-designed 404 page is important for any e-commerce site because it helps keep customers engaged even when they encounter a missing page. Instead of a generic error message, a custom 404 page can reflect your brand's character and make the experience less negative for shoppers. By including helpful features like search bars, links to popular products, or special discounts, you can quickly redirect customers to other areas of your site. This not only improves the chance of retaining visitors but can also potentially lead to more sales. A good 404 page shows customers that you value their time and experience, making it more likely they will continue to shop with you.

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