We are a Yahoo! Small Business Partner

Ventura Web Design & Marketing has designed and built Yahoo! Stores for over 20 years .  We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with Yahoo! Store help for whatever issues may arise.

Ongoing maintenance is required for any Yahoo! Store to be successful.  Keeping your content and images fresh is essential to search engine placement and repeat business.

Keep reading to find out what Ventura Web Design can do to help your store!

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RTML Coding

Yahoo! Store’s proprietary programming language, RTML, is a powerful template language used to customize your Yahoo! Store. Our team are experts at the language and can use it to do everything from adding features to installing themes and custom designs.

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Yahoo! Store Help

Yahoo! does offer tech support for store owners, but they don’t do any custom design or programming. This becomes even more important when dealing with a complex store with custom features and designs. We help store owners like you to maintain their stores and keep them up to date.

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Yahoo Feature Installs

The basic store set-up is great, but what happens when you want to add a feature to your store? Installing and troubleshooting a third-party app on a Yahoo! Store can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the platform. Our team will handle any features you need to install, and we have the experience and knowledge to do it right.

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Store Design & Themes

While there are free and paid Yahoo! Store templates, many stores are much better off with a custom or heavily edited site design. We have web designers on staff who are experts in making your site easy to use and visually appealing so you can maximize sales.

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Become a VIP

Sick of spending hours on your website and not being able to do what you do best? We can help with that . Our VIP Priority Support service will provide you with monthly hours specifically dedicated to you and your website with constant access to our full-service U.S. based team.

Get superior service at a fraction of the cost!