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We offer Shopify Support.

Each month, we proactively look for ways to help our Ventura Pro Support clients improve their Shopify stores. Landing page optimization (design and usability), conversion rate optimization (overall site merchandising and granular changes), and even pay-per-click optimization are just some of our core set of Shopify support services that we offer.

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  • Shopify Store Optimization

    There will always be certain landing pages on your website that attract more traffic than others for their chosen keywords. We work to optimize those pages to attract even more visitors and funnel those visits into sales.

  • Pay-Per-Click Optimization

    Studies show that 60% of the money spent on Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google and Bing is wasted on ineffective ads, poor keyword targeting, and lack of testing. We help you stand out in the crowd and get the most return on your investment by analyzing your Shopify store’s PPC strategy, optimizing your ad spend, and crafting compelling, targeted ads.

  • Social Media Optimization

    Social media is where a majority of your customers are spending most of their time online. If you aren’t regularly updating your social platforms or advertising on them then you are missing out on a huge sales opportunity. We’ll review all of your social media accounts, provide recommendations for improvement, and execute an effective marketing strategy to increase your Shopify store conversion rate.

  • Shopping Cart Optimization

    Your Shopify shopping cart is arguably the most important part of your online store. We work to minimize cart abandonment by building trust and credibility, reducing friction through improved usability, and encouraging conversions.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility

    Internet browsers all behave differently, so it’s important that we test the compatibility of your entire Shopify website in Chrome, Firefox, IE/Edge, Safari, and various mobile browsers to make certain that your store’s user experience is consistent throughout.

  • Bounce Pages Optimization

    Your bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who visit your store and leave without viewing any other pages. Decreasing your bounce rate means that you are retaining website visitors and encouraging them to visit other pages on your site. We review your Shopify analytics to determine what is causing your bounce rate, and then work to improve it by making changes to your store.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    There are many factors that contribute to your Shopify store’s conversion rate. We analyze your entire website to determine what can be done to increase conversions, then plan and execute a strategy to improve your profitability.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is a constantly evolving field, requiring us to stay up-to-date with best practices daily. Through diligent keyword research, internal linking, on-page content optimization, url structure improvement, and site analysis, we work to improve and optimize the search engine results placement for all pages on your Shopify e-commerce website.

  • Email Marketing Optimization

    Building brand recognition and creating a base of repeat customers with effective email marketing is essential to customer retention and repeat sales. We will review your current plan and create a marketing calendar that coincides with any social promotions you have set up with your Shopify.  We will also create amazing, professional email marketing campaigns for each of your promotions.

  • Mobile Site Optimization

    Over half of website visits come directly from mobile browsers. How your site ranks in mobile search results is crucial to your success. We’ll analyze the usability of your mobile site, and make recommendations to optimize your responsive Shopify design.

  • Promotion Optimization

    Shopify promotions like free shipping or limited time discounts can be effective – but only if they are presented in a way that encourages customers to take advantage of them. We analyze your promotions and their marketing to find ways to improve their effectiveness, and perform those improvements for you.

  • Design Optimization

    Just as your content should stay fresh and up to date, so should the design of your custom Shopify store. A well-maintained online store changes homepage billboard images and supporting graphics often to stay consistent with marketing emails, social media posts, and other promotional material, a well as regular improvements to the overall design.

We’re Here to Help.

Periodic improvements, effective marketing, and ongoing maintenance are required for any online store to be successful.  Keeping your content and images fresh is essential to search engine placement and repeat business. Contact us today to speak with a professional and create a customized optimization plan that’s right for your business.