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Submit your website for a free review!

There could be issues you’re not even aware of somewhere on your website costing you major sales. Let us take a look at your site and provide suggestions for improvement for free! Let’s get started.

What we look for in a Website Review:

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  1. SSL Security

    HTTPS is essential to provide security to your customers, the green lock icon tells visitors your site is trustworthy.

  2. Powerful Headline

    The hero image and headline strongly influence your visitor’s perception of your business by providing users with your most important offer and/or service.

  3. Call to Action

    The call to action tells users exactly what you want them to do. Usually in the form of a brightly colored button, CTA’s direct visitors exactly where you want them to go.

  4. Displaying featured categories provides users an even easier way to find products relevant to their interests.

  5. Discount Indicator

    Bring attention to promotional items by displaying a badge or similar element. This catches the user’s attention and will result in more page views of this item.

  6. Promote top-sellers, high margin items or products with high search volume.

  7. Add to Cart / Favorites

    Use an add to cart button to make purchasing easier for users who already know what they’re looking for or are return customers who have decided to purchase.

  8. New Products

    Use a “new arrivals” section to promote your latest and greatest products, visitors may be looking for new items.

  9. Newsletter Signup

    Build an email list to retain traffic and drive repeat traffic to your site. Email newsletters can be used for promotions, retargeting and sharing news and features.

  10. Social Sharing

    Enable social sharing links to allow visitors to spread your business via social media. This improves search engine rankings and provides social proof to skeptical shoppers.

  11. Phone Number

    Many customers will want to contact you directly, make it easy to find your support phone number.

  12. Site Search

    Significantly improve user’s search experience and utilize this feature to suggest your featured products.

  13. Category Menu

    Providing a category menu will allow visitors to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for by browsing categories

  14. Support / Policies

    Clearly display your shipping, support and other policies. No one likes to be surprised by shipping costs.

  15. Recently Viewed

    Displaying recently viewed products increases the chance that a user will purchase a product they may have hesitated to purchase in the past.

  16. Contact Information

    Clearly display your contact information and if you have a physical location, list your address and hours of operation. This should be visible on every page of the site.

Yes! Please review my website for free.

Upon submission, you’ll receive an automated email confirming your information. Once we receive your request, one of our team members will then contact you to discuss your website. We will offer solutions and strategies you could use to see better results from your site. You’ll also be added to our email list, we’ll send you marketing & design tips weekly.