Building a Website

When building a website, we can break it down to these major phases:
Planning, Design, Development, and Maintenance.

Use our guide below to find out more about each step in the web design process.


Plan the Project

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Check out our articles on website planning to help you put in some thought and strategy to your website project.


Design a Website

Design is so much more than just what your site looks like. It’s problem solving and thinking about how users will use the site to its potential.


Make Your Site Live

Once your site is planned and designed, it’s time to publish it! Here’s some things to look out for when making your site live.


Site Maintenance

Once your site is up, there will be maintenance required to keep it up to date. Keep your website fresh and keep it safe with regular updates.

Looking for help building your site? Submit a support ticket and we’ll be in touch!