Meta Pixel Error: “A required field is missing: id”

There is a Microdata Error affecting BigCommerce stores that prevents you from connecting your store to Facebook Commerce Manager with your Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel).

Until you fix this BigCommerce Pixel Error, you may not be able to connect BigCommerce with Facebook Commerce Manager.

Why is Facebook Catalog Giving Me a Microdata Error?

Microdata tags, crucial for successful integration, need to be correctly installed on the website. However, adding Microdata Tags for Meta Pixel Catalog typically requires the ability to edit the website’s code or assistance from a developer, making it a complex process for many users.

These two challenges combined are creating a significant hurdle for BigCommerce store owners looking to integrate their platform with Facebook Commerce Manager using Meta Pixel. This situation is understandably frustrating, as it hinders your ability to maximize e-commerce platform integration and leverage the advertising capabilities of Facebook Commerce Manager.

Unfortunately, Meta Catalog documentation says microdata field “id” is required for many stores. Store owners are seeking solutions to this issue, emphasizing the urgency and importance of this problem.

How to Check if Your Store is Affected

Pixel Product ID Missing Error

Pixel Product ID Missing Error

If you see any of these Facebook Pixel errors, you are affected and will not be able to connect your Pixel due to missing microdata.

  • Products without “id” information can’t be uploaded. Please check that this field is included for each product in a separate, labeled column
  • This pixel’s microdata is incomplete or incorrectly formatted
  • To use this pixel to add or update items in your catalog, you need to install the required microdata tags on your website

Our talented BigCommerce certified programmers at Ventura Web Design have assessed the issue and created a custom code fix for the BigCommerce Facebook microdata error. 

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