Ventura Web Design and Marketing is offering to design Favicons and Apple touch icons for the first 25 store owners who reply to this offer (a $50 value).

What is a favicon?  A favicon is the small 16 x 16 icon you see in the that appears in a browser tab just to the left of the page title.

Favicons are used to represent saved pages in your favorites or bookmarks.  They are used on the left side of your browser’s address bar for active pages.  They are used in lists of predictive web addresses.  Most importantly, they are used to mark open tabs in your browser.

What is an Apple touch icon?  An Apple touch icon is seen on mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad.  The Apple touch icon appears as soon as you bookmark a web site or add it to your home screen. It is the only element still visible once you leave the site.

Having a custom favicon and Apple touch icon shows that you pay attention to the details of your website, makes it easier for your customers to find your tab in a sea of open browser tabs, sets you apart from your competition, and aids in the branding of your site.

Why You Need a Favicon

Brand Recognition

The most established brand websites have custom favicons and Apple touch icons. Details matter, and a proper website is one that provides consistent branding. Even a thing as small as a favicon is important for brand awareness.

Build Credibility

Almost every website has a favicon, especially the most established and successful ones. Not having one will cause the browser to load the default blank document icon or the default icon for your store platform, alerting users that your site may not be as credible as your competitor who has a favicon displaying in the tab right next to yours.

Increased Usability

Most users have several tabs open at once and visit countless sites during any given day. A favicon helps your site stand out from the competition and makes it easier for users to find your site. People are visually oriented and graphics are always perceived better than text.