Yahoo! Store is highly customizable and is the perfect solution for your Mid-Market e-commerce business.


Making the switch from Yahoo Stores to BigCommerce is a significant move, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the process. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We are a team of ecommerce experts with years of experience in migrating stores between platforms. We understand the complexities involved and are well-equipped to handle them, ensuring a seamless transition for your online business.

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We have partnered with one of the biggest online companies out there to bring you the most stable and reliable e-commerce system possible. Not only do you have us working for you, but the power of Yahoo! is behind you as well.

Yahoo! stores are easy to use, search-engine friendly, and credit card processing is included with every store. Our custom Yahoo! Store packages include everything you need to begin selling product online quickly.


Give your site a facelift with a Yahoo store redesign. A good looking site might be all that’s preventing you from increasing sales/conversions and customer retention. Improving the user experience of your website boosts customer confidence and loyalty.

The moment a visitor arrives on your site they want to feel confident that the decision to do business with you is the right one. Your look and message should be consistent and sharp or visitors will be inclined to leave your site go to your competitors. Successful websites are refined and improved regularly to keep your customers engaged.

Our custom Yahoo store redesigns consistently provide improved sales and conversions for our clients. Contact us today to find the right redesign solution for you.


We have developed many upgrades and add-ons fo your Yahoo! Store. Please visit our FEATURES page to see a list our upgrades and customizations.


Today, web traffic from mobile phones is greater than that of laptops and desktops for most websites. To make sure that your site is not left behind it needs to be mobile-friendly. When people perform Google searches on their phone Google will prioritize mobile friendly sites in their search results over sites that are not mobile-friendly. There are two different types of mobile designs: responsive or adaptive. All brand new stores and store redesigns we do on Yahoo! are modern, mobile-friendly responsive designs that will look good on a phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

If you have an older store on Yahoo! that is not mobile-friendly Yahoo! does offer adaptive mobile templates to use, however, these templates are very generic and will not match your desktop design or brand very well. If you are not ready for a full site redesign we can modify these adaptive mobile templates to match your current desktop site and brand.


Ventura Web Design specializes in customizing Yahoo! Stores using their proprietary programming language known as RTML. Created by Paul Graham, the founder of the original Yahoo! Store (known as Viaweb), this language allows our Yahoo! Trained RTML Store Developers to build amazing looking E-commerce stores.

Why Does My Store Need RTML?

Out of the box, the Yahoo! Store uses very simple templates. These templates contain designs that are acceptable for first time web store owners selling less than ten products. Most successful stores, especially Internet Retailer Top 500 Stores, have thousands of products. A starter template simply cannot handle the merchandising and design that is required to convince users to type their credit card number into your website and trust you to fulfill their order. Customizing your store with RTML gives your site the professional layout and design that your customers expect.

Which Customization(s) Should I Do First?

The way that our most successful merchants have grown is to start with a tried and true Custom Solution from Ventura. Our Yahoo! Store developers have been building successful E-commerce stores for 20 years. That experience allows us to help minimize your mistakes and accelerate your learning curve.

Once your store is up and running, then it’s up to the users to “show us” where we need to improve your store and start customizing. The goal is to make the end user experience as fast and seamless as possible. Through the use of Analytics, we can understand where we can make improvements to your store that will benefit your end user.

What Can be Done With RTML?

The end goal of RTML is to make your site easy for you to manage and maintain. So when you find yourself doing something repetitive, ask us whether or not that process can be automated. Or perhaps you want to maintain a truly uniform, yet custom, look throughout your store and the standard “caption field” just isn’t doing the job. We can code in custom fields that are simple for anyone to fill out, yet produce the desired layout or look that you desire.


Keep your branding in mind with custom email templates, packing slips and invoice designs & development. Our team works with Yahoo Store custom email templates to bring our client’s brands to life. Don’t just settle for simple text-based emails when you can have modern layouts, images and more.

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