BigCommerce GA4 Add-To-Cart Bug

There is a bug affecting BigCommerce stores using GA4.

It causes the “add to cart” button to add double the quantity to your cart.

Store owners are reporting a problem where the quantities in shoppers’ carts are randomly increasing, particularly after adding a new item. BigCommerce has released a fix for this issue, but it requires a theme update. For those who cannot or choose not to update their theme, the issue will persist until a code fix is implemented on the theme. If you had hired a custom BigCommerce theme developer, you will need developer assistance to fix this bug.

Check if Your Store is Affected

The only BigCommerce stores that are affected are the ones connected to GA4 (Google Analytics 4). To check if your store is affected by this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your store.
  2. Add a product to your cart.
  3. Check your cart.
  4. If the product quantity is 2 or more, your store is affected.

Unfortunately, unless you are capable of updating your store’s theme to the latest version, the issue must be addressed by a professional BigCommerce developer like Ventura Web Design.

We can perform this code fix for a fee of $499 per store.